SC Formula (Shark Cartilage)


Reishi mushrom has a long history of use in China and is used in 30%of Chinese herbal formulas. shark cartiladge has been known to regulatenormal tissue size. Together, this makes a powerful immune system product.

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The Chinese have been enjoying shark fin soup–a rich source of cartilage–for centuries. Some are willing to pay as much as $10 for a bowl of the delicacy. Shark cartilage is a pure source of an important family of carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides. It also contains vital amino acids and is a source of protein, calcium and phosphorus.

More than 20% is mucopolysaccharides, more than 20% is protein, more than 4% is chondroitin A sulfate, and less than one percent is fat. Our SC Formula is composed of 100% freeze-dried shark cartilage combined with reishi mushroom (also known as ganoderma). Like shark fin, reishi mushroom has a long history of use in China, and is a component in nearly 30% of Chinese herbal formulas. As for shark cartilage, no chemical agents, solvents or bleaches are used in processing. Various sharks are used, none of which is an endangered species; the cartilage used by us is a by-product of sharks caught for human consumption.

Each SC Formula capsule contains 400 mg pure shark cartilage and 175 mg reishi mushroom.

Take three capsules with meals three times daily.


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