Tei Fu Essential Oil®


Stimulating aromatic oils are antiseptic, mood enhancing. For joints, insect bites, teeth, mouth sores, burns, and many other uses.

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Tei Fu Essential Oils
An Ancient Chinese Treasure

This is a formula revised and perfected by a noted Chinese herbalist some seventy years ago, based on an ancient formula dating back more than a thousand years to the era of the Tong Dynasty. Tei Fu is a blend of essential oils and flower distillates. It can be is faster working than aspirin for headache, pain, etc. It can help relieve pain instead of masking it.

Tei Fu oil has about 101 uses: congestion (head/sinus); bites; stiff, sore muscles; headaches; make tea for sore throat; add a drop to water for upset stomach, also can be used as a general wake up.

It also comes in Tei Fu Massage Lotion for stiff and sore muscles after a long hike or workout. It works great!


  • Invigorates the mind and stimulates the respiratory system.
  • Offers cleansing, refreshing and softening properties.
  • Contains mood-enhancing scents.

Our Product Advantage
Tei Fu Essential Oils was developed and perfected by a Chinese herbalist several decades ago. He created it using an ancient formula that was passed down in his family for more than 1,000 years. His secret formula was not for sale. This descendent realized the benefits of his family secret, and he decided it was too good to keep from others. Thus our products became the beneficiary of thousands of years of Chinese wisdom and herbal knowledge.

Safflower oil, menthol, winter-green oil, camphor, and other essential oils.

Tei Fu Essential Oils can be used for a wide variety of applications, especially where the refreshing, invigorating properties of essential oils are desired. Avoid contact with eyes and nose.

Complementary Products

     Nutritional:   , Triple Relief, Triple Relief (20) Trial Pack
     Homeopathics:   Pain, Arthritis

How Does it Work?
Tei Fu Essential Oils include volatile oils that can penetrate the skin. These oils can positively affect mood and breathing.

User Care
Contains wintergreeen oil; avoid eye and nose contact. Keep out of reach of children.


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