C, Vitamin-Citrus Bioflavinoids / 500mg


For collagen formation & tissue repair; antioxidant; needed for metabolism of folic acid and iron; strengthens blood vessels; helps utilization of carbohydrates & synthesis of fats and proteins.

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Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids
America’s Favorite Vitamin

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and it performs many functions involving the immune system and tissue development. It is involved in iron absorption and in enzyme, hormone, and protein synthesis. The adrenal glands need large amounts of this nutrient. Being water soluble, it is easily washed from the body and needs to be constantly replaced. Without vitamin C, the body cannot make collagen, the substance that holds the body’s cells together. It works best with attending bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids help protect the body from free radical damage.


  • Provides nutritional support to the immune system.
  • Protects against free radical damage with its antioxidant abilities.
  • Supports tissue development.
  • Aids in collagen production.

Our Product Advantage
Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids helps you maximize the benefits of vitamin C by combining it with the synergistic bioflavonoids found naturally in foods rich in vitamin C. Bioflavonoids are necessary for vitamin C to work properly.

They are combined in a unique base containing 50 mg each of lemon bioflavonoids, orange bioflavonoids, grapefruit bioflavonoids, hesperidin complex, rutin, and rose hips extract. One tablet contains 830% of the daily value. It contains no starch, sugar, artifical flavors or colors.

Take 1-2 tablets with a meal three times daily.

Complementary Products

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Scientific Data
Studies have shown that people under severe emotional or environmental stress require a higher intake of vitamin C. Research has also shown that cigarettes and oral contraceptives can drain the body’s levels of vitamin C. People who are at risk in this way should be sure to get extra vitamin C in order to meet the daily requirements. In another study, a top European researcher found that vitamin C boosts mental alertness, enhances intelligence and reinforces powers of concentration.


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