Lactase Plus


Lactase Plus contains lactase, protease and lipase, the enzymes used to break down sugar, protein and fat in milk and other dairy products.

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Many people have difficulty digesting dairy products because they lack enough of the enzymes. Lactase Plus provides the necessary enzymes to make milk and dairy products more digestible. This is an effective and convenient solution for people with a lactose intolerance. For many people it’s not just the lactose (milk sugar) in dairy products that causes the bloating, gas, and other discomfort, but also the protein and fat. Lactase Plus combines lactase, lipase, and protease for maximum digestion to eliminate the discomfort. Lactase Plus is protected with an exclusive herbal blend. The herbal blend serves three purposes: 1. Relaxes and soothes the stomach. 2. Activates the enzymes. 3. Buffers and stabilizes the enzymes.

Beet root , Potassium citrate, Caraway seed, Dandelion root, Fennel seed, Gentian root, Ginger rhizome, Potassium citrate, gelatin and water.

Take 1–2 capsules before consuming foods/beverages with lactose.


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