Stomach Comfort


An all natural combination for stomach upset, occasional heartburn, & acid reflux.

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Helping the Body Balance Stomach Acid

Stomach-Comfort gives you a natural way to respond to digestive problems. Stomach-Comfort is a combination of natural ingredients that helps neutralize acid, soothe the stomach, improve digestion and control acid reflux, a condition in which stomach acid backwashes into the esophagus via the lower esophageal sphincter.

Our Product Advantage
Stomach-Comfort can help soothe burning sensations in the stomach and lessen uncomfortable acidic tastes in the throat and mouth—problems often triggered by foods like alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, high-fat meals, orange juice and tomato juice. Stomach-Comfort, which contains no harmful ingredients like aluminum, offers natural relief.

Stomach-Comfort contains an array of healthful and natural ingredients: calcium carbonate, alginic acid (from kelp), slippery elm bark, ginger papaya fruit, licorice root concentrate and wintergreen oil.

One bottle of Stomach-Comfort contains 60 tablets. Take two tablets when you experience digestive difficulty. Use Stomach-Comfort only for quick, temporary relief. Remember that digestive problems may be a sign of more serious health concerns.

How Does it Work?
Calcium carbonate is alkaline in nature and helps reduce the pain commonly associated with what is called “heartburn.” Alginic acid, which is converted to sodium alginate, helps protect the mucus lining of the esophagus against acid irritation, thus reducing the discomfort associated with reflux. Slippery elm bark coats and soothes the digestive tract while ginger root, papaya fruit and licorice root concentrate work synergistically to aid proper digestion. Licorice root has also long been used to support healthy stomach function. Wintergreen oil, meanwhile, gives Stomach-Comfort a refreshing and pleasant taste.


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