Cygnus Aqua-Cleanse


The Cygnus Aqua-Cleanse is a therapeutic instrument used for cleansing the body and inducing energetic balance through an ionized water bath for the feet. It can also be used for the entire body in a bathtub.

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A feeling of relaxation and mental clearing are experienced by the user of the Cygnus, and balance is restored to the physical and energetic systems of the body. The process of discharging toxins may take up to 2 days from the session. During this time, detoxification symptoms may be experienced followed by feelings of great well-being. Many health conditions are responding to the therapy. Testing with electrodermal screening (EDS) shows an immediate balancing benefit on all systems of the body. The positive changes were seen to be 4-6 times better than another product.

When used within a health practice, the therapy will support all other holistic therapies used by clients. With its fast and perceptible results, referrals will be forthcoming.

Bio-electric field therapy & detoxification through ionized water

Light therapy with infra-red & blue wavelengths

Harmonic RF & lymphatic drainage frequencies

Foot & bathtub use

Dual-use transmission heads: bath & dry-use directly on body

Free of heavy metal discharge…ultimate in safety & economy

Shown by electro-dermal screening to give much faster and better results than other ion bath products!

Elegant design & engineering from a leader in the vibrational technology industry

Patent pending

Its unique emission heads provide near infra-red and blue L.E.D.s (Light Emitting Diodes) for beneficial light therapy.

The LEDs are then pulsed with effective and safe harmonic RF frequencies. The frequencies and light wavelengths are the same ones used in our most popular light products and have a 10-year success record. These benefits range from pain relief to inducing ATP production for increased cellular energy for healing, both locally and systemically, to lymphatic drainage.

All these modalities combine synergistically, creating a revolutionary new healing system for the practitioner!

One other distinct advantage of the Cygnus is that it doesn’t require constant replacement of the electrodes, or arrays. If you are familiar with the existing ionizing bath products, you may have questioned the content of colored discharges into the water. Our research has shown that metals eroding from copper, aluminum, or other metal-based electrodes create the color changes and not body toxins. These may then be re-absorbed through the skin. The Cygnus creates normal discharges from the body without additional metals. The water may be cloudy, odorous, or scummy after therapy. Our engineers have used stainless steel electrodes that do not degrade quickly…and they are highly economical compared to other products, lasting up to 2 years!

A recent article on light therapies appeared in Rehab Management (The Interdisciplinary Journal of Rehabilitation), written by Chukuka S. Enwemeka, PT, PhD, FACSM. It gives an excellent summary of the benefits of light therapies. Click here to read the article.

Cygnus Testimonials

Doctor Comments

Woman, 50, with degenerating disks in the neck and loosening of the joints. Her report with using the Cygnus takes her overall pain level from an ‘8’ to a ‘4’.


Man, 70, with severe rheumatoid arthritis. He was literally bent over almost to 90 degrees. With 3 sessions of the Cygnus, he had straightened up to within 10 degrees of straight and had significant improvement in motor movement, and could shake hands without pain.


Man, 49, spring allergy – sinus response. After 4 sessions, the nose completely stopped running.


Woman, 25, 5’6″ tall, 100 lbs., fighting anorexia. Evaluation at a behavior center established that the anorexia was not of psychological origin. She presented extremely low vitality-failure to thrive, with twenty-four hour pain in hips and right side sciatic nerve inflammation. She alternates constipation and diarrhea. Diarrhea up to 6 times a day.

Electro-Dermal Screening, a computerized test, was utilized on 63 recongnized accupuncture points. The EDS scale goes from 0 to 100, with 50 being the best, balanced reading. Operating ranges are considered 30 to 60, with the 50 mark representing the best reading. Higher than 60 is considered inflammatory, and lower than 30 is considered low vitality.

First session, 41 out of 63 total points were considered of low vitality. With 2-3 Cygnus sessions each day and a supplement program, 1 week was allowed to pass. Another EDS test resulted in a refined supplement program and she was noted to have only 20 out of 63 points considered low vitality. Ten of those 20 points were within 5 points of our minimal range (within 5 points of 30).

She returned to Iowa, about an 8 hour drive. Her diarrhea had reduced to only once a day. Noticeable skin improvement. Her hip pain always leaves after the Cygnus session, although the pain does eventually return. Her Cygnus sessions usually last 20 – 30 minutes, depending upon her energy level at the time.


The Cygnus therapy was given to several patients who are long-term clients in our clinic. They were all receiving a multiple therapy prototcol of supplements, lymphatic therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, etc. The general feeling was that their conditions stabilized but were not improving much. After a series of Cygnus baths, usually every day for a week to 2 weeks, we saw amazing changes in all of their conditions. These include cancer & Alzhiemer’s. What impressed me was that this was the only thing different that we did and we saw dramatic changes. I can only credit this Cygnus technology with what we saw.

My opinion is that the Cygnus therapy speeds up the detoxification process dramatically so that the body can heal itself. It adds a new dimension to my effectiveness as a naturopathic practitioner. I am very pleased with the results I see!

Just as the addition of the Lymphstar Pro added a tremendous boost to our results among many clients with serious health issues, the Cygnus adds yet another level to aid the detoxification precess. When I was offered the original footbath product, I was skeptical to the “gimmicky” appearance of the colored waters. It concerned me that the metal array discharges into the water. With the Cygnus there is none of this concern and it has multiple technologies available in it.

I urge anyone to give the Cygnus Aqua-Cleanse a try in their practice!

Dr. Parker

Home Users

“…knocked out what felt like a bad flu coming on in one treatment”


“I felt very relaxed druing the therapy, but developed a small lower backache. This lasted until I went to bed. Slept very well but felt a little dragged out and low all day. The next day I woke up with great energy and well-being! It was very noticeable. I continue to benefit from use on a regular basis. I feel great even though it is a stressful time of life for me.”


“I look forward to my Cygnus sessions. It takes the fatigue away and feels great. I work hard physically and it takes away the muscle aches quickly.”


“If you want to knock the sludge out of your system, use the Cygnus bath. We didn’t see much for 2-3 sessions but now I can feel the movement in my body and mental state. It all feels clearer and more open. We love it and use it 2-3 times weekly in our household.”


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