Lobelia (375 mg)


Muscle relaxing respiratory & lymphatic stimulant. Lobelia is a ‘smart’ balancing herb. Also helps with stopping smoking.

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Take a Deep Breath

Lobelia, sometimes referred to as “Indian tobacco,” has been used in American medicine for hundreds of years. Lobelia was frequently used by midwives as a sedative, for its muscle relaxing effects, in preparation for childbirth. Today, lobelia is used as a blood cleanser and to treat a variety of respiratory problems.

As one of the most useful muscle relaxants, lobelia is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese. It is used as an expectorant, expelling phlegm from the lungs, relieving congestion that is typically related to asthma and bronchitis. Lobelia has also been known to reduce cold and flu symptoms, suppress coughing, and stimulate perspiration, cooling down the body to to help break fevers.

Lobelia is considered beneficial for treating mild depression, reducing inflammation and pain, easing muscle tension, and calming the nerves. It also acts as a mild laxative alleviating constipation.

Lobelia may be used as a tobacco substitute to help stop smoking.


  • Supports the respiratory system.
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Works as a universal relaxant.

Our Product Advantage
Nature’s Sunshine Lobelia Essence and capsules contain the finest lobelia available.

Each capsule of Lobelia herb contains 375 mg lobelia. Lobelia Essence contains 44–47 percent alcohol, glycerin and apple cider vinegar.

Take one capsule with one meal daily.

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How Does it Work?
Lobelia herb possesses many properties that make it valuable to the respiratory system. It has the ability to work as both a stimulant (in small doses) and as a calmative (in larger doses). One of its key constituents, lobeline, acts in a way similar to nicotine.


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