Nature’s Noni (Morinda Citrifolia & Officinalis)


Nature’s Noni is from the South Pacific, where it has been used for centuries for the structural system, glands, digestive system.


Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis is an herbal combination made from two types of the the morinda plant. Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis has been used for hundreds of years to support the entire body treating a wide range of symptoms, including poor digestion, high blood pressure, respiratory problems and immune deficiencies.

Rich in vitamin C, Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis provides natural antioxidants that support the kidneys, increasing the flow of urine to flush toxins from the body. Know for its effect on pain, Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis may be used to relieve headaches, menstrual cramping and reduce inflammation caused by arthritis.

Morinda Citrifolina and Officinalis is beneficial for relieving constipation, digestive disorders, as well as, kidney and bladder problems. In addition, Morinda Citrifolina and Officinalis may be used to soothe backaches, bruises, sore eyes and even toothaches.


  • Helps normalize blood pressure.
  • Supports joint health and mobility.
  • Supports the female reproductive system and minimizes discomfort due to menstrual cramping.
  • Promotes a feeling of well-being.
  • Helps support proper digestion.

Our Product Advantage
Noni Juice contains the finest morinda fruit available. It is carefully tested to meet NSP quality and purity standards, which enhances its ability to nutritionally support multiple body systems. It also contains natural fruit juices to give our juice a pleasant tropical taste.

450 mg of Morinda Citrifolia & Morinda Officinalis

Take 2 capsules daily 30 minutes before meals on an empty stomach.

Complementary Products

     Homeopathics:   Fatigue/Exhaustion, Viral Recovery
     Homeopathics:   Guardian (Blend)

Scientific Data
Quality Assurance and cuttingedge technology allow us to offer the finest and purest morinda available in the world. We don’t limit our search for the best morinda to one South Pacific island. We search long and thoroughly until we’re satisfied that the quality of our product is unbeatable. Then we offer that quality at a competitive price.

Nature’s Noni contains unique phytonutrients including selenium. Phytonutrients nourish the body’s cells, tissues and organs. They also help to minimize damage caused by aging, harmful chemicals and pollution. Selenium is a naturally occurring antioxidant.

Nature’s Noni
Morinda citrifolia and Morinda officinalis

As ancient peoples colonized islands through- out the South Pacific they brought with them the plants they held sacred. Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis (also called Noni) was considered the queen of’ these sacred plants and has been used by French Polynesian islanders for over 2,000 years. Ancient manuscripts cite Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis as an ingredient in numerous traditional health preparations.

Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis has been shown to strengthen the following body systems:

  • Immune system
  • Nervous system
  • Skeletal system
  • Urinary system
  • Endocrine system
  • Digestive system

Today Noni may seem to be a miracle herb because it strengthens so many systems thereby helping to solve many problems of the body, but new research helps us to understand Noni’s scientifically based actions. Noni works to correct problems with the structure of proteins and cells. In this way Noni works at the base level to solve problems within the body ranging from cancer to digestive distress.

There are two species of Noni used in this product. The fruit, root and leaves of Morinda citrifolia are used. Morinda Citrifolia is native to Malaysia, Australia, and Polynesia, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful plants in the islands. It is common in thickets, second growth forests, valleys and on low hills. The root of Morinda Officinalis is used. Morinda officinalis grows in India, the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia.

Both species have shiny oval leaves with small white flowers that develop into a creamy-white fruit which can grow up to 10 cm in length and is similar to a potato. The fruit has a very unpleasant odor and taste, but the unripe fruit is less offensive.

The fruit of the tree has been used as a food source for centuries, but usually only in times of famine. Sometimes the juice of the Noni fruit is taken medicinally, but it is difficult to use because of the bad taste and smell. With this; product, not only do you avoid the bad taste Noni is taken in a capsule), but you also get the healing benefits of the root and leaves that you would not get with just the juice. For example the root is helpful in increasing the white blood cell count. A similar effect is found in the leaves of Noni. The leaves also function to reduce blood clots as well as induce menstruation.

Recent Scientific Findings
Though the root, leaves and fruit of this plant have been helping people treat diseases for centuries, it is only recently that scientists have discovered how Noni works. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s Dr. R.M. Heinicke worked to identify the active ingredient in Noni which causes it to have such a multitude of healing effects. He found an alkaloid in Noni which he named xeronin. Although Noni is low in xeronin, it contains ample amounts of the precursor proxeronine. He also found that Noni contained the enzyme which activated pro-xeronin to help produce xeronin. Xeronin works to regulate the rigidity and shape of specific proteins, all of which work with cells in different functions. Many cells have receptor sites for xeronin and when they are damaged xeronin comes to help in the repair. Because the presence of xeronin positively affects proteins and cells, it also has positive affects on many different areas of the body. Following are studies on and recorded benefits of the use of Noni.

Build Immunity
Annie Hirazumi from the University of Hawaii led a study in which mice were injected with Lewis Lung Carcinoma cells which cause lung cancer.

Mice given Noni lived significantly longer than mice who had no Noni treatments. The scientists felt that Noni enhanced the immune system enabling the mice to fight cancer. Japanese researchers found similar results, After putting cancer cells in several plates and giving them an environment conducive to growth, only cancer cells not treated with Noni experienced expected growth rates. Cancer cells treated with Noni were markedly slowed.

Researchers found that mice fed Noni had increased levels of leukocytes or fighter cells. Noni increases immunity and has an antibacterial activity. It was shown to be effective against seven different kinds of harmful bactena induding Salmonella and Shigella. Aucubin was one of the several compounds found in Noni that possess the antibacterial activity. In a recent survey concentrates of the ripe fruit of Noni have tested positive for antibiotic action.

Relieves Pain
When taking Noni, many people experience a feeling of over-all well being. The Chinese believe Noni improves mental powers and Dr. Heinicke agrees. He says that the xeronine in Noni opens brain receptor sites, allowing the brain to receive more of the hormone endorphin which brings the feeling of well being. In scientific studies Noni has a sedative and pain relieving effect on animals. With enhanced relaxation and relief of pain a person often feels better.

Strengthens the Skeletal System
Noni reduces pain and swelling, clearing inflammatory conditions, and strengthens weak bones and ligaments. Many people with rheumatoid arthritis have reported a rapid increase in the ability to walk, run or use their once inflamed joints after taking Noni. Noni also decreases swelling which can occur in the arms or legs.

Historically Noni was used to aid urinary distress. The combination KB-C was designed to help strengthen the bones and kidneys, solving problems such as backache, osteoporosis and bladder and kidney infections. Noni is a key ingredient in KB-C because of its action on the bones and urinary system.

Helps Male and Female Sexual Problems
This tropical plant stimulates the endocrine system, solving many hormonal problems Historically islanders used it to bring on menstruation. It relieves menstrual cramps and has been said to help female problems such as discharge. By strengthening the endocrine system, Noni is said to solve sexual problems for both men and women.

Clears Skin Disease
Many people have found relief from chronic skin problems after taking Noni. This herb clears acne, boils, eczema, blotches, bleeding and cracking. Dr. Heinicke explains that xeronin helps form a specific protease which removes dead tissue from burns, speeding recovery.

Experiences with Noni
Traditional peoples used Noni to eliminate parasites and worms. Noni also relieves digestive problems. Many people have experienced more regular bowel movements while taking Noni.

This smelly plant has helped to lower the blood sugar of those who are borderline diabetics or type II diabetics. One woman said that she experienced heart flutter because of her high blood sugar. After taking Noni her blood sugar dropped from 190 to 120.

This amazing herb has been seen to have anticongestive properties. Those with allergies to food, animals and pollen have found relief from the nasal congestion and asthmatic reactions that usually occur with contact to these items when taking Noni.

Noni works slowly. It must be taken consistently for a period of 6-8 weeks before results can be seen. In capsule form, Noni is recommended with meals three times daily.


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