Barley Greens Powder Concentrate (480 mg)


Concentrated essence of vital young plants. Nutritious supplement that gives quick energy. High in protein & minerals.

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Barley greens are extracted from young barley plant leaves, which can assist in the build-up of strong antiviral properties and help boost the immune system. Barley greens are rich in minerals, detoxifiers, chlorophyll, blood cleansers and enzymes.

This product is a blend of the barley leaf powder with powdered brown rice for an added source of linoleic and nicotinic acids. Barley Greens Powder provides more vitamin B1 and calcium than milk, more vitamin C than several oranges, and more iron than found in a serving of spinach. It is also rich in magnesium, potassium and bioflavonoids.

Eight capsules on an empty stomach per day.


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