Blood Pressurex


A blend of essential and natural ingredients that can help your body maintain proper blood pressure levels.

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Blood Pressurex
Don’t let the Pressure Get to You

If your family has a history of high blood pressure; if you suffer from diabetes, obesity or stress; or if you smoke, drink alcohol or are advanced in age, then maintaining normal-range blood pressure is an important issue.

Blood Pressurex is an excellent blend of essential and natural ingredients that can help your body maintain blood pressure levels already within the normal range.


  • Provides potent antioxidant properties.
  • Supports and maintains blood vessels.
  • Encourages optimal blood flow.
  • Promotes blood flow in the peripheral arteries.
  • Helps maintain normal blood viscosity.

Our Product Advantage
Many supplements target only one or two underlying functions. Blood Pressurex targets many underlying functions to provide maximum support and efficient control.

Blood Pressurex contains Coleus forskohlii, olive leaf extract, hawthorn extract and golden rod, arginine, vitamin E and grape seed extract.

Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.

Complementary ProductsNutritional: CoQ10 (30 or 100), Cardio Assurance, Cholester-Reg II, Capsicum, Hawthorn Berries
Homeopathic: Distress Remedy, Nervousness, Inflammation
Essential Oils: Lavender Fine

How Does it Work?
The main ingredients in Blood Pressurex are the powerful herbs Coleus forskohlii, olive leaf extract, hawthorn berries extract and golden rod; the amino acid arginine; and the antioxidants vitamin E and a powerful, proprietary grape seed extract. These combine to help protect blood vessels, promote blood flow in the peripheral arteries and inhibit cell damage. Grape seed extract contains an array of bioflavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols, including resveratrol. Studies suggest that grape seed extract may be beneficial for maintaining blood pressure levels and may contribute to overall cardiovascular health.

User Care
Consult your health care provider before using this product if you currently take prescription medication(s) for high blood pressure or if your blood pressure is above normal (diastolic reading above 90). Do not discontinue use of your prescription medication(s) without your doctor’s approval.

The heart pumps blood to all parts of the body under controlled pressure. An individual is diagnosed as having high blood pressure when an average of two or more consecutive measurements of systolic (higher number) pressure exceeds 140 mm Hg; or the average of two or more consecutive diastolic (lower number) pressure exceeds 90 mm. Hg.


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