Ginseng, Korean (410 mg)


Adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress. Particularly used for men’s drive.

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Korean Ginseng
King of Tonics

Ginseng, Korean (Panax) is the most widely used and studied ginseng in the world. As an adaptogen herb, it is believed to help “balance” the body. Several varieties of ginseng make their habitat in various places around the world, with the three major species being American, Siberian, and Korean. Each species has its own chemical properties. For instance, Siberian ginseng is of a different genus than the other two ginsengs, but it possesses many of the qualities of Korean ginseng. Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen, although perhaps more mild than Korean ginseng. Siberian ginseng is the least expensive of the three ginsengs. Wild American ginseng is a true ginseng, and was held to be of great value even in the early days of pioneer settlement in America. Its ginsenosides differ from those of Korean ginseng, although the two share similar properties. It is the most expensive of the three ginsengs.


  • Helps the body adapt to stress.
  • Boosts energy .
  • Strengthens and supports the immune system.
  • Balances the body .
  • Our Product Advantage
    Only the finest Korean Ginseng is used, packaged in preservative – f ree capsules to ensure that you get optimal nutrients without unwanted substances.

    Each Korean ginseng capsule contains 410 mg of the finest Korean ginseng, with a guaranteed potency of 12 mg ginsenosides per capsule.

    One capsule with meals twice daily.

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    How Does it Work?
    As an adaptogen, ginseng helps optimize bodily functions. It supports the body’s eff o rts to achieve balance. Active constituents in the plant, called ginsenosides, support the glandular system and boost the immune system.

    Scientific Data
    Researchers have found that compounds in ginseng help protect against toxins.


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