Uva Ursi (440 mg)


Strengthens urinary system, helps prevent infections, good for bladder needs as well as kidney. Circulation and keeping kidneys clear.

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Uva Ursi, also known as mountain cranberry or bearberry, is a shrub that typically grows in elevations of about 6,000 feet. Uva ursi is an herb that concentrates on the urinary system. Uva Ursi contains vitamin A, iron, manganese, selenium and silicon. Uva Ursi also provides an antiseptic substance called arbutin, which supports the expulsion of toxins from the urinary tract.

As a nutritional supplement and muscle relaxant, uva ursi soothes, strengthens, and tightens irritated and inflamed tissues. Supporting the urinary system, uva ursi promotes healthy bladder, liver and kidney functions.

Uva ursi neutralizes acidity in the urine, increasing urine flow, therefore reducing bloating and water retention making it beneficial for weight loss.

Uva Ursi’s astringent properties may also assist in the treatment of some bed wetting problems.

Take one capsule with meals twice daily.

User Care
Avoid taking Uva Ursi in conjunction with Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate.


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