Bilberry Concentrate (40 mg)


Potent anti-oxidant formula. Neutralize free radicals. Vison, eye health.

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Bilberry Fruit was frequently taken during World War II by British pilots to enhance their night vision before flights. Today, Bilberry Concentrate is being is used as an antioxidant and is beneficial in the strengthening of red blood cells and capillaries around the eyes. By suppling added oxygen to the blood, Bilberry Fruit benefits all capillaries in the body to improve circulation to the hands and feet.

Bilberry Fruit is rich in fatty acids, bioflavonoids, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. It also contains loeanolic and ursolic acids, magnesium, selenium and trace amounts of sodium and calcium. Best when taken over time, Bilberry Concentrate assimilates its unique nutritional properties by strengthening the immune system.

Two tablets three times a day with meals.


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