Yellow Dock (460 mg)


Organic iron for anemia & liver health. Tonic: liver, gall bladder. Can be used during pregnancy.

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Yellow dock has been used for hundreds of years for its astringent properties, treating a variety of skin problems, including boils, rashes, blemishes and burns. Yellow dock is valued even more so today as one of the best available sources of iron. Yellow dock’s high iron content makes it beneficial for treating anemia and pregnant women. Yellow Dock also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and phosphorous.

Yellow dock is used to purify the blood supplied to the glands improving the flow of bile and digestive fluids. Yellow dock has been known to help improve bladder and liver functions, reduce bowel inflammation and glandular swelling. Yellow dock is also used to treat some cases of jaundice and skin eruptions associated with the toxicity of the intestines.

One other use for yellow dock is as a laxative to help relieve mild constipation.

Take two capsules twice a day with meals.


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