Yucca (490 mg)


‘Gift from the Desert’. Cleans the body & reduces swelling. Breaks up obstructions. Joints and structural system.

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Yucca grows in abundance throughout the Southwestern United States and Mexico. Traditionally used for soap because of its foaming agents, Yucca is used today to treat inflammation caused by degenerative diseases like arthritis and rheumatism. Rich in Vitamin A, B-complex and Vitamin C, Yucca is also a good source of calcium, copper, manganese, potassium and phosphorus.

Originally used for both food and medicine, Yucca’s natural steroid properties, Saponins, have been known to reduce inflammation and obstructions of the joints. Yucca also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that contribute to the cleansing of the colon, purifying the blood and helping keep the kindeys and liver free of toxins.

Take one capsule twice daily with food.

Yucca is a plant familiar to most Americans who have traveled or lived in the U.S. Southwest or Mexico, where it grows abundantly. A member of the lily family, the plant is also known by the names soap root, Spanish Bayonet, Spanish Dagger and others. The reference to soap comes from long historical use of the plant’s roots as a foaming cleanser. The American Indians made wide use of its special properties, using it not only for its nutritional value but also to make sandals, belts, baskets, ropes, cords and mats. Some Indians–namely the Hopi, Papago and Utes–still use yucca for these purposes today. Yucca contains large amounts of a steroid saponin, which accounts for its lathering ability. The plant provides nutritional support to the structural system.


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