Tei Fu Oil – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Tei Fu Essential Oil is very versatile. I have one bottle in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one I take along with me. First, it is great for burns, any kind of burns from the kind you get from something hot spilling on your arm to more serious ones.

Once when I was teaching an herbal seminar, I asked my husband for some more tea and as soon as he brought it to me, I unthinkingly drank a sip. OOPS! Did I scorch my tongue or what? I immediately started to douse the fire with a few drops of Tei Fu Oil in my mouth. It took several times, but in a little while, I was well enough to continue on with my seminar.

One time, a friend’s toddler was walking on some metal that was out in the very hot sun. She had scorched the bottoms of her feet and was in dire pain. My friend rushed over with the little girl’s feet in ice. We started applying Tei Fu Oil (gently) and within a minute or two, she stopped screaming. Within another couple of minutes (and another couple applications), she was fine and ready to go on their way. There was no blistering either!!!

Here are a few more great things I use it for: nausea or morning sickness — put a drop in a cup of water and drink. If you are really going to throw up from illness or food poisoning, etc, the good news is that you will do that sooner (rather than later!). If your body doesn’t need to vomit, it will help settle things down in there. Also, bee stings, cold sores, rub on a sore throat, mosquito/bug bites, sore muscles, headache (rub on temples, neck, and back of head).

One client of mine had a migraine headache. We put a couple of drops into her palms. After rubbing her hands together, she cupped them over her face and inhaled the fumes. Within several minutes, her migraine was completely gone!

The caution is to keep it out of your eyes and mucus membranes. It can really irritate the eyes, but only for about 15 minutes. Flush with water, and it will get better.

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